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Real Madrid Vs Levante, Liga BBVA 2013-2014: Player Ratings

Routine performance where only Marcelo and Ronaldo excelled, against a rival that had no chance to get a good result out of Bernabéu.

Denis Doyle

Real Madrid obtained an important win against Levante to increase their advantage over FC Barcelona. The game was not bright in offensive terms, but the merengues superiority was more than clear.


Diego López: ? Honestly, I can't give a mark to our goalkeeper, since I don't remember having seen him on the pitch. He blocked Levante's unique shot on target after the game was decided.


Carvajal: B+ As all his fellow defenders, he did not make any serious mistake during the whole game and was really willful in offensive tasks. He improved his crossing accuracy in the second half. He had to leave the field with a muscular problem in the extra time.

Varane: B Neat and clean job, as usual with Rafa. He displayed with great intensity and showed no physical obstacles after his match with France last Wednesday, and was substituted by Nacho after receiving a blow at his knee that should not cause any major trouble.

Ramos: B+ Similar performance to that of Varane's, with a greater impact in incorporating to the attacking line. His long balls seem more precise lately. Got a yellow card he seemed to be looking for since the first minutes of the game, that will disallow him to play against Málaga next week, so he will arrive with a clean card to El Clásico.

Marcelo: A+ Definitely, our best man on the field today. If you are ever asked why we need Marcelo over Coentrao, today's game should be a valid point. A great asset on creating advantages in our left flank, fantastic associations with Ronaldo and an outstanding goal. Brilliant.


Alonso: B+ Absolutely correct in everything he did, although I must confess I would like to see more of Xabi when we are facing a tight defence like we did today. His positioning was superb.

Modric: B He left some really attractive details close to Levante's box, but did not participate in the game as much as he usually does, since our attacks concentrated in our left flank today. No serious mistakes, either.

Di María: B+ Intensity and speed throughout the full game. This is what Ancelotti wants from the Fideo, and that's just what he is obtaining.


Bale: B- Not his best night, definitely. He shot five times but never created a serious danger to Navas's goal.

Benzema: B A nice associative performance, as he is displaying lately, that he could not end with a goal. Six shots on goal blocked by Levante's best man tonight: Keylor Navas.

Ronaldo: A Our commander opened the scoreboard with a magnificent header in the first half and created an advantage by attracting three Levante's defenders to leave Marcelo alone for the second goal. His numbers speak for himself.


Nacho: B- Occupied Varane's spot and the team didn't notice the change. Correct performance.

Isco: B- He entered the game when it was decided. Had a good chance to score with a shot from the top of the box, but he missed it.

Jesé: B- Very few minutes for Big Flow, who substituted Benzema and showed great tenacity, as usual.

What's your take? Marcelo for Man Of The Match?

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