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Real Madrid Vs Almería, La Liga 2013-2014 (4-0): Player Ratings

Dominant performance by Real Madrid tonight after Barcelona's loss. Every player looked really good (even Benzema), including the subs. Great way to gain some confidence before the Copa del Rey final.

Denis Doyle

Diego López: A He wasn't challenged very often but still had a good save in the second half. Quiet night for him. That was his 15th clean sheet, tied for most for a Real Madrid GK in the last nine Liga tournaments.

Nacho: A Great game by Nacho. Wherever he plays, he delivers. It doesn't matter if he needs to recover or attack, he's capable on each front. His first

Raphael Varane: A He wasn't required to do a lot but whenever he had to, he didn't have a single problem.

Pepe: A Like Varane, he had a quiet night and solved everything coming his way without much effort.

Fábio Coentrao: B+ The Portuguese LB found a lot of time to attack and should've been awarded a penalty but the ref just didn't want to call it. He wasn't very sharp with the ball but was really good while recovering it. Had a chance to score but, again, wasn't very good on that final pass/shot.

Asier Illarramendi: A+ Tremendous game by Illarra. He controlled everything happening near midfield, both recovering and organizing plays, and in the second half he kept attacking and trying to find good spaces for his teammates. Finally, he brilliantly assisted Morata on the 4-0.

Luka Modric: A- He was dangerous every time he had the ball and helped orchestrate a lot of plays for his team. His passing is always great.

Ángel di María: A+ He was Madrid's most dangerous player in the first half, testing Esteban a few times, scoring a goal, hitting the crossbar once and almost scoring an olympic goal. He even participated in the team's second goal. Man of the match.

Gareth Bale: A- Bale looked really intense early and had a couple chances to score but was denied by Esteban. He scored the 2-0 after a great play between Di María and Benzema.

Karim Benzema: B It looked like it was going to be one of those days where he just couldn't catch a break. Yet, he set up and brilliantly assisted Bale for the second goal of the game and later assisted Isco on the 3-0. He's always where he should be and his passing is brilliant, but needs to finish a lot better.

Isco: A Besides scoring the third goal, he was great every time he had the ball. He's so good at reading the field and finding the right man on every play, as well as setting up the pace. It will be hard to take him out of the starting line up.

Carlo Ancelotti: A It's impossible to find any negatives for the Italian coach. The line up was perfect and the subs came at the right time. It was nice of him to give the youngsters meaningful time.

Casemiro (63' Di María): B The Brazilian helped his team ice the final minutes for his team and, if it wasn't enough with Illarra there, he limited Almería even more.

Álvaro Morata (68' Bale ): A Should've been awarded a penalty but the ref just didn't want to call any of those tonight. He also assisted Benzema with a beautiful back-heel pass on what should've been the 4-0 but the French couldn't convert. Morata ended up scoring that fourth goal and it was a beautiful score.

Diego Llorente (72' Coentrao): B+ One of the top prospects from Castilla, Llorente looked really good, with a couple dangerous crosses and earning a foul on Almería's territory.

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