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Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, 2014 Copa del Rey Final: Ancelotti: "I'm curious about visiting Cibeles"

Carlo Ancelotti sounded very happy and satisfied about winning La Copa del Rey. Gareth Bale, Pepe and team president Florentino Pérez shared their thoughts as well.

David Ramos

Carlo Ancelotti

First, he talked about Cristiano Ronaldo's absence:

"We were fine defending and attacking. For the rest of the players it's good to have these matches because it helps us realize we're a great team. Cristiano Ronaldo is a tremendous player but we know how to play without him".

On the team's tradition of visiting Cibeles to celebrate:

"It's not something I'm used to so I'm just curious about it. The atmosphere for the final was fantastic. It was spectacular beyond the extraordinary game".

Did Carletto feel he had any pending matters after those disappointments in big games this year?

"I don't have any pending matters. I'm happy after winning this competition. We did well and we earned it. It was a very complicated game because we were facing a tough team. We suffered but we deserved it because we had a chance to kill the game in the second half. I just feel happy for the players and Real Madrid fans. I like to say that it was a great atmosphere not just because of Real Madrid fans, but for Barcelona's too. It was a show both on and off the field. I'm happy to be here, being able to enjoy that show".

On what he wanted from his team tonight:

"We wanted to put a lot of high pressure and play the counter attack. In the first half we lost a few balls that we should've protected better. The team was great defensively."

On Gareth Bale:

"It's definitely his most important goal and it came in a crucial moment of the game. He had a great game. Every player was great because they played as a team. To beat Barcelona, you have to play as a compact team and that's what they did".

Asked about using Isco as a center midfielder:

"He's living a very good moment. He gives us quality and possession to control the2 game, because we didn't want to just defend. We wanted to control the game too. In that aspect, Isco has a lot of quality.

What does this loss mean for Barcelona's future?:

"I don't think it's the end of a cycle. They played well. It's possible that this season hasn't worked out well for them but I think they'll fight for La Liga until the end. The top three teams can still win it. They are a very dangerous team. They had their chances tonight. Playing against them is very complicated. Now they don't have the luck needed to win but I still think they're very dangerous".

On winning the Cup in three different countries:

"The Cup isn't as important in Italy as it is in England or Spain. Facing Barcelona, made it even more important. We fight to win every tournament".

Managing Madrid's Lucas Navarrete also had a question for Carlo: "Isco, as a center midfielder, on average, has played between 60 to 65 minutes. Was it surprising for you to see him play 80-85 minutes on such a good level, especially on defense?"

"Isco is living a great moment, mainly because he hasn't played the same amount of time as other players."

What did he think after Bartra's goal?:

"There isn't a lot of time to think about it. You have to control your team and try to avoid a mental breakdown. After that goal, we suffered a bit because we fell back defensively but in the end we had our chance".

Carletto spoke about the team's strategy:

"We tried to use four defenders to avoid any passes between the lines and using four midfielders makes it a lot easier to control the ball. When we had the ball we tried to play the same way. Our left and right backs moved forward and Bale open to the side a bit more to cover more space".

On Bartra's goal, and whether it reminded him of the last Clásico, where they had the lead and control of the game but ended up losing:

"It's clear that after the goal anything was possible. We didn't give them a lot of chances. We defended well but it's true that anything was possible."

On Ángel di María and the idea of giving him some rest:

"He worked a lot tonight. We have an entire week to work properly and some of our injured players are coming back. In one week we can recover our energy to prepare for Bayern".

On the Champions League semis against Bayern:

"Tonight's win gives us confidence for the upcoming matches. It wasn't necessary to value what this team has done so far after tonight's result. This team is having a very good season. We won the first trophy. It's time to go win the rest".

Florentino Pérez

"We all suffered a lot because it was a very exciting game. It required a huge effort and sacrifice.I want to congratulate our team and our fans because we came here looking to win a title and we got it. This has been a football celebration and that's a great thing. This helps us to keep fighting for that title that sometimes becomes an obsession, which is La Décima (Madrid's 10th Champions League) and La Liga".


On the 2-1 result:

"We deserved it. Real Madrid deserved to become champion and that's what happened".

About Iker Casillas:

"He's not only my friend, he's a great professional and a tremendous goalkeeper".

On the role of the fans tonight:

"Their supper was fantastic even before we left to get to the stadium. During the game's toughest moment, they helped us a lot. It's my second Cup but the most important thing is that our fans were incredible. They helped a lot. It's amazing how they were pushing us. They are the best".

On Bale's goal:

"What a bullet he is. The strength he has to run, get out of the field, get past the defender and then kick the ball. Unbelievable".

Gareth Bale

The man of the hour described his epic goal for us:

"Bartra pushes me and tries to block me but he couldn't. I had to go around him. It was brilliant to score but it's even better to win the game and the Cup".

On the role of his teammates:

"The most important thing is that we worked hard as a team. We all did and we all deserve it. We played great during the entire tournament. This win is for the fans for all their help. The atmosphere was fantastic. It was a perfect night".

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