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Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich, Champions League 2014: Ancelotti: We'll do our best to take our fans to Lisbon

Carlo Ancelotti talked about the 1-0 result and how hard will the second leg be for Real Madrid. He mentioned that sacrifice and teamwork are essential if they want to get to the final. Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos joined their coach.

Paul Gilham

Carlo Ancelotti

The Italian coach started by giving his opinion on the match:

"I'm happy with everything because it was really hard out there. We played well, suffered from time to time but also attacked well sometimes. I'm happy with the game we played".

He also talked a bit about the difference between the first and second half:

"We started a bit shy and we were losing the ball too easily. It was a bit harder for us because we had to defend. In the second half, Bayern Munich lost a bit of their rhythm and it was easier to control the game. We defended and played the counter very well".

On the key to this important result:

"Teamwork was essential. We did it because that's what I thought was necessary. Fábio Coentrao was often helped by Isco and Dani Carvajal was assisted by Ángel Di María. Our collective work was pretty good and that's what we need on the semifinals".

On Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale:

"We were a lot more comfortable defending with four midfielders and, most of all, with teams that play between the lines or through their offensive midfielders. Without Bale and Ronaldo at fifty percent, it isn't easy, but we did well. Besides, the team played well and Cristiano gave us a tremendous effort".

On the missed opportunities and the second leg:

""We had our chances and Bayern had theirs. Iker was fantastic. We have to know we're going to suffer in Germany. It's going to be a very hard game. We have a small lead but we have to be as confident and enthusiastic as we were tonight but you never know what's going to happen in Munich. Our stadium and the atmosphere helped a lot. We'll do our best to take these fans to Lisbon".

The team has played really well the past two games:

"In terms of teamwork, our last two have been our best two games of the season. This team plays with a lot of enthusiasm. Sometimes we're better, sometimes we're worse but we're always enthusiastic. The environment is also really positive".

Will Iker Casillas, who contributed with an amazing save in the second half, play in La Liga's remaining games?

"In La Liga, Diego López will play against Osasuna. Iker will play on Tuesday".

On the team's fantastic moment and their results against elite teams:

"With the quality of this team, Real Madrid can beat any team. It's true that we didn't do a good job during the first part of the season. Now we're having positive results".

On the strategy he used tonight to face Bayern:

"We had very good opportunities to score because this team is very good at playing the counter attack. It's normal that you play like that against Bayern and that means you have to defend really well. The higher you defend and press, the better. They didn't pressure as much in tens second half".

About Ronaldo's substitution in the second half:

"That was a decision we made right before the game. We didn't want to take any chances so his muscles didn't suffer any kind of fatigue. He did well tonight. He wasn't close to one-hundred percent but he sacrificed himself and will definitely be better for Tuesday, just like Bale. Ronaldo didn't train a lot and missed speed and strength work. The important thing for him was to play even if it made him suffer a bit. We're happy to have him back. He's worked really hard to help the team".

Ancelotti also shared some info on the condition of Pepe, who had to leave the game because of injury:

"It's nothing serious".

On the role of possession against Bayern:

"I don't like to give up the ball but we can't have it the entire game either. It's clear that against teams like Bayern or Barcelona it's tough to possess it. Football, though, is a lot more than that. I like to have the ball because if you have it, the opponent can't score".

On the team's defensive performance and the role of Fábio Coentrao:

"Both Carvajal and Coentrao did a very good job. The help of our midfielders was really important to avoid any complications. The important thing was to sacrifice and here, everybody does it. Di María, an attacker, showed sacrifice. Isco, a midfielder, sacrificed himself. It's better when you combine sacrifice with quality. Coentrao is a very regular player, he always gives his best and he's focused, smart and he sacrifices himself".

On his relationship with Arrigo Sacchi, who offered some advice prior to tonight's gamei:

"I talk a lot with Sacchi. I consider him a teacher. We talked about the game and the strategy I was going to use. He's a fan of mine and a Real Madrid fan".

Iker Casillas

His thoughts on the game:

"They controlled the possession but we had the best chances to score. In general, we have to be happy about the result. It's a positive one, but it's not definite. Visiting Munich is the exact opposite of having the semifinals decided. We're coming from a series against Borussia Dortmund that was very complicated even after we got a 3-0 lead. We know it's going to be very difficult for us. It's looking good but the bigger you are, the bigger you fall".

Sergio Ramos

"I'm proud of team's work. It was a tough, demanding game. We took a big step tonight. In Munich, we are going to leave it all on the pitch like we did here. We have a good chance. I'm proud of the job we did against the European champion. They are champions for a reason and we all saw why tonight. They're still the favourites to get to the final but we're on the right track".

Sergio had some nice words for Real Madrid fans:

"The way the received us was amazing. It was unbelievable both on and off the field".

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