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Real Madrid Vs Osasuna, Liga BBVA 2013-2014: Player Ratings

Easy game that was convincingly solved by Ancelotti's men. Ronaldo scored two stunning goals and was the Man of the Match, showing he is fully fit for Tuesday's game in Munich.

Denis Doyle

Diego López: B. He did not have any complicated situation to solve since Osasuna's offensive output was almost null. Convincing in the few ocassions we saw him on screen.

Nacho: B+. Solid display by our canterano, who is always ready to help the team. No defensive mistakes throughout the game and some good incorporations to the attacking line.

Varane: B. Quite correct as well. He seems fully fit although with him the defensive line was not so advanced as it usually is when Pepe is on the field.

Ramos: A-. Happily, he scored the beautiful goal he has been looking for lately. Although some of his offensive movements were a bit risky, Osasuna's capability to react was not good enough to punish them.

Marcelo: B-. Arguably, our weakest player today. Having Marcelo in the left wing is always good news if you want to create advantages out of nothing, and we saw that today, but his precision was quite lower than we should expect from him.

Illarramendi: B+. Absolutely correct. His tactical knowlegde was really useful to start the ball possession and organize the attacks. Furthermore, he helped a lot in defence by covering the holes left by his offensive companions.

Modric: B+. Fantastic performance by Luka, whose conductions in the midfield are always able to surprise the rival and open lines for his partners.

Isco: B+. Good performance again, showing he is fully adapted to his new role as a left interior. He left the most attractive moves today, and his pass to Carvajal in the fourth goal was absolutely superb.

Ronaldo: A. Extraordinary. He played sixty minutes in order to obtain an optimal condition for Tuesday's game against Bayern and, although he seemed not to be pushing himself too hard, he participated a lot and scored two stunning goals.

Di María: B. Not as intense as usual, but the game did not really demand that from him. Great cross to help Ramos score the 3-0.

Morata: B-. Good job by Morata, who left everything he had on the field but was not able to score, as he would have wanted to.

Alonso, Casemiro and Carvajal entered the field to give Modric, Ronaldo and Di María some rest when the match was already decided. They did not make any mistakes and Carvajal scored a beautiful goal, but it did not seem fair to grade them in a scale comparable to that of the starters. Let's just say that we may be happy by their performance.

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