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This Is It: Real Madrid's Make or Break Match

Real Madrid face their demons at the Allianz Arena on the verge of getting a ticket to the 2014 Champions League Final

Alex Grimm

Three times we've been knocked out of the Champions League Semifinals over the last three years. And the most painful one was against this very team we're facing today. Our self-called 'Black Beast'. Our arch rivals. Anything can happen, because it's very hard to win this trophy. We only have nine after more than 50 years, so what do you expect? We cannot win them all.

But it is about time. Last three years we went to the return leg with the need of winning the game in order to go through. Now, we have enough with any kind of draw and even a 2-1 defeat. This is our chance. We're 90 minutes away from playing in Lisbon and earn the right to be the first club to win double-digits Champions Leagues.

This generation deserves it. Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Arbeloa, Marcelo, Alonso, Ronaldo, Benzema, Modric or Di María deserve to win a Champions League title with Real Madrid. For some other players on the roster, there will surely be more chances. Who knows? But time is running out for Ramos and company to put their name on Real Madrid's history books. They are great players. But they deserve to be remembered as the roster who raised La Décima. They deserve better than one Liga title and two Copas del Rey over the last three years. They are clearly better than that. This is for them.

90 minutes. That's all it takes to survive to the hell that the Allianz Arena will be. 90 minutes and we will be in Lisbon, facing one team that is not stronger than Bayern. Nobody said it would be easy. This game is all that matters. We've been supporting the team day in and day out to get the chance to be here tonight. This game is all that matters, and if Ramos, Alonso and Illarra have to miss the Final after a yellow card, remember this match comes first.

Play on.

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