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Ancelotti: "If Ronaldo's issues persist we might give him some rest"

A very pleased Ancelotti talked about tonight's win and his expectations for the second leg. He shared some early good news about Ronaldo but knows they have to be careful about it. Pepe, Ramos and Isco joined him. You can't miss Pepe's words about Sergio and Barcelona.

Clive Rose

Carlo Ancelotti

The Italian coach was more than happy with his team tonight:

"What we prepared for the game, we did well, especially in the first half. We had security on possession and efficiency. I'm happy. We spent some energy in the first half and in the second we prepared the team to play the counter attack and if we had two or three good counters it's because we were generally good at it."

On whether he's worried about Cristiano Ronaldo's condition:

"I'm not worried about him. I'm worried about playing the second leg. They showed they have a lot of quality and that they're going to try to win. Cristiano just has a little problem with his knee but I'm not worried about it."

On Pepe's brilliant performance:

"Pepe has been really good and not just tonight; he's been great all season long, with a lot of personality. I think the game wasn't easy for our defenders because we showed ourselves when we attacked, but all four of them did well. We were looking for a counter but the space we had to cover was very long. Iker made a great save too."

Carletto talked more about Ronaldo's injury:

"We'll take a look at it but we're not worried right now. If the problem persists for our next game we might give him some rest but we haven't really thought about it because Ronaldo feels ok. We're not worrying yet. At the moment, there's no problem."

Isco's performance earned the praise of his coach:

"Isco had a great game. He put himself in a great position for the team. He sacrificed himself to defend, recovered a few balls and showed his great quality as an attacker. I'm happy because he proved he can play as a midfielder without a problem. He helped the team a lot."

On Dortmund's possible comeback:

"They are going to try it all. We have to be focused and play just like we did tonight. If we play the same way, we can get to the semifinals."

The crowd sounded a lot better tonight:

"I think the atmosphere was really great. The crowd's help is crucial in these games."

On a potential semifinal match up:

"Knock on wood. I don't want to talk about any semifinal."

On the team's reaction after those painful losses against Barcelona and Sevilla:

"We had a good reaction but we haven't forgotten those yet. We paid for it, and we're not leading La Liga anymore but we still have time. If we win every remaining game we can win the Champions League and Copa del Rey."


First of all, Pepe talked about a play that hasn't been discussed enough in the media: Busquet's stepping on his head:

"You all saw it. He stepped on me. If it was me who had done that, I wouldn't be in Madrid anymore. The greatness in people lies on whether they can admit things and they didn't do it. Barcelona, after not recognizing Busquets' dirty play, just took their masks off. They talk about values but when they make a mistake, they don't react the same way."

His game against Dortmund was fantastic and the crowd chanted his name for it:

"It makes me really happy. That's the result of hard work. I'm happy. Now it's time to keep it up."

On their possibility of winning La Liga:

"It's complicated for us. We'll keep fighting for it. We'll do our best and tonight's win is going to help a lot."

As good as the result was, they know it's not over yet:

"We have to go to Germany to give the final blow. We have a good lead but last year's a good example of what can happen. We have to be strong and play our game."

On Isco's brilliant game:

"He played a great game. He helped us a lot. I'm really happy for him."

Sergio Ramos

On the team's performance tonight:

"I'm really happy about the game. It's a great result but we can't forget they are a strong team and their stadium is really complicated."

He remembered last year's painful loss against Dortmund:

"We had a thorn in our side after last year's loss. There are different ways to fall, and last year we gave it all. Football gives you rematches."

On Ronaldo's injury:

"People don't really value that we play a game every three days. As players, we certainly notice. Ronaldo can take it all but we have to be careful about it. We need to take care of him."


One of the stars of the game started by talking about the great result earned tonight:

"It's a magnificent result. I'm happy with the 3-0 and with the clean sheet. It's a big step towards the semifinals."

On Pepe and the team's overall performance:

"Pepe, the defense and the team in general were terrific. We deserve that result."

On Dortmund's possibilities at home:

"Last year no one expected Madrid to lose 4-1 there. We're going there to win."

Isco also talked about his own performance:

"I wanted to show people and the coach that I can play in any position."

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese star just shared a few words about his injury tonight:

"I'm ok. It's all good."

Good news.

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