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Bayern Munich Vs Real Madrid, Champions League 2014: Ancelotti: "We'll dedicate the final to Xabi"

A very satisfied Carlo Ancelotti talked to the media, saying this was a great win but the real objective hasn't been achieved yet. Joining him this time: Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos.

Martin Rose

Carlo Ancelotti

As usual, he started with his general feelings on the game:

"We always expect to pal a perfect game and that's what we did. The first half was fantastic but I'm not surprised. These players are capable of playing like that. It was a perfect game. In the first half, we defended well and used a very effective counter through the ground. The game changed thanks to our set pieces, which we prepared really well".

On the performance of the BBC:

"They did a great job. They worked really well, and the game turned out to be perfect".

On the end of the curse in Munich:

"I had won here before, so I had confidence. I can only thank the players because, 12 years later, Madrid will play a Champions League final".

On what does getting to the final mean for the team:

"It was our first objective. It's not easy to get to the final but we did well. With the exception of our match in Dortmund, we played a fantastic tournament".

The only negative from this game was Xabi Alonso seeing a yellow card, which means he won't play in the final. The Italian admits it's a tough moment for #14:

"It's terrible luck. We feel for him because he's feeling sad, but the important thing is that Real Madrid is in the final and we hope we can dedicate it to Xabi. We're sad for him, not just because he's an important player. He deserved to play in the final. It's not fair for him to miss it. He didn't deserve that yellow card".

As good as it was to get to the final, Carlo knows there's still a lot of work to be done:

"This is a win and nothing more than that. It's a great win over a great team, the team that won the Champions League last year, and that's it".

On how this will impact Pep Guardiola's acclaimed style:

"We just blocked Bayern's game and that's all. This game won't end a philosophy because Guardiola has been very successful with it".

How important was that 1-0 win at the Bernabéu?

"I think we were a bit worried about the semis, but the key was on the first leg. Even without a very clear result, it gave us a lot of confidence. We defended better and could set up a rhythm thanks to everyone. I really enjoyed Cristiano, Bale and Benzema's job tonight".

On the importance of La Décima for Real Madrid:

"I really don't have a personal ambition. Football has already given me a lot but I have the desire to take this team and its fans to the final. I'm so proud of getting there with this team. When I got to Madrid there was a very special atmosphere surrounding this competition. The dream of winning La Décima was up on the air and that's why we were able to get to the final".

As he has said all year long, Ancelotti says the key to the team's success has been balance:

"Balance is the key. In the beginning we were scoring a lot of goals, but we allowed a lot of them too. When you have high-quality players, it's easier to reach that balance".

Who's the real winner after tonight's game?

"The one that wins here is Real Madrid. I'm lucky to have the chance to coach the most important team in the world and I have to do my absolute best to make this team get the best results".

Who would Carlo prefer to face in the final? Chelsea or Atlético?:

"I don't know what's going to happen in the other semifinal. Chelsea have a lot of experience but so do we. We're a very balanced team so it doesn't matter who we face in the final".

On the effectiveness on set-pieces:

"We prepared them and they worked for us. It was something we had studied prior to the game".

On the team's motivation to face this semifinal:

"The enthusiasm in this team has a lot to do with what has happened in recent memory. Getting to three semis without getting to the final is very painful. If you add the possibility of winning La Décima to those previous disappointments, it's normal to see the team this motivated".

Ridiculously, there was talk about possible signings (Pogba, Suárez) for next year:

"I can assure you that the only thing I can do right now is thank all these players for what they've done. I'll only talk about them".

On the importance of having multiple systems at hand:

"The 4-4-2 works when you try to defend. When we have the ball, we play like we always do, with a 4-3-3. The first 4-4-2 allows us to protect ourselves between the lines, without giving up key spaces, and that's what we accomplished tonight".

Xabi Alonso

Obviously, he was asked about missing the final:

"With time, I hope I can forget about this. I think it's a foul, but I'm not sure it deserves a yellow card. That said, I think the rule itself is more unfair than the card. The fact that you can't play a final because of a card is not fair. I hope we can win the final so I can forget this disappointment".

On their motivation for tonight's match:

"We fell in the semis three years in a row. We wanted to play a game to be remembered. I don't think even our most optimistic fan expected something like this, though. Now we hope to win the final".

On the team's performance:

"Beating this Bayern twice is not easy. We perfectly controlled the game and we played a perfect game".

Xabi doesn't care about the opponent in the final:

"With the satisfaction of getting to the final, the opponent doesn't matter. The Champions is not something to be deserved; you have to win it".

Cristiano Ronaldo

"We played a perfect game. Scoring three goals in the first half was extraordinary. Most people thought we weren't going to score, but in football, everything's possible. We have a great team. We deserve to be in the final. We have to congratulate the entire team, the coach and the entire staff".

On their chances of winning the final:

"In any final, your chance is 50%, no matter who you're facing. To be favourites, you have to show it on the pitch."

Asked it he would like to face his former coach, José Mourinho:

"I don't care who we face. A final is always complicated. The final will be in my country and I hope we can win it".

On beating another record (first to score 16 goals in a Champions League):

"I knew I needed a goal to break it but I wasn't obsessed with it. Bale's pass was great. The entire team helped me. I'm great and I'm happy for breaking the record but what I really want it to win the Champions".

Sergio Ramos

"Today, I take a chip off my shoulder, eliminating one of favourites to win the Champions League. It was a fantastic night for the madridismo."

On Bayern calling themselves Real Madrid's Bestia Negra (Black Beast):

"There's no better place talk than on the pitch."

On the 4-0 win:

"You never expect to solve everything this quickly. We came out believing in ourselves, with personality and a lot of enthusiasm".

If they face Mourinho in the final, will it be a rematch for him?:

"No, not at all. Personally, I don't have any pending rematch with any coach".

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