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Carlo Ancelotti: "I'm Really Proud of This Team"

A solid and reasonably encouraging win against Real Sociedad made Carlo Ancelotti proud.

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press after the game. It was a brief press conference but he said that Real Madrid are going to fight for this Liga BBVA.

I have a group of players who likes to fight, and we're going to fight for La Liga until the very last minute. We played well and smart, they all played a very good game and I am very proud of coaching this team.

Ancelotti was a bit worried about the health and endurance of the players.

Yes, I was a bit worried. It's not easy to recover that soon after Wednesday's game, but we played with a lot of intensity throughout the whole second half. We played really well defensively. And we managed not to have any injury.

Gareth Bale played on the left and performed quite well.

With Bale on the left wing we have an open field to attack, and he feels comfortable there. He changes his position with Cristiano Ronaldo when they play together quite often and we are lucky to have them both.

And finally, Ancelotti shared his thoughts on Illarramendi's night back in his homeland.

He wasn't bothered about what was going on outside of the field. He focused on the game, he played really well and he scored. His defensive performance was also great.

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