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Carlo Ancelotti: "Cristiano Ronaldo trained yesterday"

Carlo sat down with the press on the eve of potentially booking a trip to the CL semifinals

Denis Doyle

The big mystery at the moment is if Cristiano Ronaldo will be fit for tomorrow's game against Borussia Dortmund. Carlo confirmed that he trained with the rest of the team, but at a lower intensity, and that his status will be determined shortly before the game.

We will decide after today's training if Ronaldo can start tomorrow. If he is at 100 percent he will play, if not he won't. All the games that Ronaldo played, he played as he was okay. We have never taken risks with him or any other player. They all played when they were 100 percent fit. Cristiano is a very good professional, knows his body very well. When he does not feel right he says so and does not play.

On the rest of the squad, who should we expect to see tomorrow?

Ramos, Pepe and Coentrão will all start tomorrow. Bale had received a blow to his knee and has recovered well. He has no problem to play tomorrow.

On tomorrow's strategy:

Our idea on the field for tomorrow is as always: play offensive and when it is defending, do it together. We will not change system, we need to play the same. They have 90 minutes to score four goals. We have 90 minutes to score one. It is clear that we will not attack 'crazy' because we have a good advantage.

The topic of motivating the players after attaining a 3-0 lead in the first leg was discussed as well.

How do I encourage the boys with a 3-0 lead in the first leg? These are the quarter-finals, we are very close to the semis, that's  the greatest motivation.

And finally, Carlo discussed how the team has bounced back after two disappointing defeats.

The two defeats cost us a lot, but the team has reacted well. We are in a good physical shape to finish the season well.

Dani Carvajal also spoke and had this to say about the competition.

Dortmund will be very strong but we should push forward and try to score at the first 30 minutes.

Discuss away.

UPDATE: Cristiano Ronaldo left training early today. He is doubtful for the game tomorrow.

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