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Borussia Dortmund Vs Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League 2013-2014: Player ratings

A rough game by our men that could have ended much worse.

Dennis Grombkowski

Casillas: A. Although he clearly fails to arrive at Pepe's horrible pass in Borussia's first goal, his subsequent interventions helped Real Madrid maintain the 2-0 score.

Carvajal: B+. Solid performance by Dani, who was never surpassed by Durm or Grosskreutz, He had some good actions defending set pieces and appeared correctly in Madrid's counterattacks.

Pepe: D. His mistake in Borussia's first goal is unforgivable, and it made the German team get into the game. Luckily enough, we had a sufficiently good advantage from the first leg.

Ramos: B-. Solid performance by Ramos. He got into the fight with Lewandowski and was able to get out of it unharmed, which is not a trivial issue. His pass to Illarramendi in Borussia's second goal was irresponsible.

Coentrao: B+. Similar comment to the one made on Carvajal. His opponents were stronger than those of Dani's, but he was not beaten. He provoked a penalty with a good cross that was cut by Pisczek's hand.

Alonso: C. Until Borussia's first goal I thought he was being excellent. When the game's tempo increased, he was not able to follow it.

Modric: B-. Not a bad performance by Luka, whose physical display was of great help to stop some of Borussia's onslaughts in the second half. He provided some key passes that his partners were not able to get profit from.

Illarramendi: D. He personified Ancelotti's attempt to keep the ball possession and avoid risks, but, as him, was wrong in the proposal. His only four missed passes led to ferocious counterattacks by Borussia.

Di María: C-. Although his overall performance was not horrible, he missed the penalty kick that would have closed the round.

Bale: C. He tried a lot, but his effort was not rewarded. Should have helped more in defensive tasks.

Benzema: C. Didn't really appear in the game. His fellows weren't able to find him as much as he would have liked and, when they could, his individualistic decisions were not the best.

Isco: B+. He definitely changed the game. Having him in an advanced position helped us to put the ball upfront and keep the possession far from risky situations. Great reading of the game.

Casemiro: B+. Extraordinary performance by the Brazilian, who gave us the energy we were lacking in the midfield. 9/12 passes and two balls recovered in fifteen minutes.

Varane: -. We should not ask him much in the single minute he played.

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