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Arsenal to Bid for Benzema?

The Telegraph is "reporting" a potential bid post-CL final.

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Denis Doyle

Looks like the journos are starting to get a bit restless even though a great two weeks of footy are upon us and there are many more interesting things to talk about. According to Jeremy Wilson, Arsenal will look to upgrade their inconsistent Frenchie striker with... another inconsistent Frenchie striker!

Now, before we start counting the supposed dollars to be netted from Benzema's transfer, let's remember a couple of things.

  1. Unless Suarez already has a one way ticket to Madrid, this likely won't happen. For as much slag as we give Benz, the shortlist of world class striker to replace him is... well, short. Madrid won't be shipping him out unless a top replacement is already in line so unless Liverpool is willing to part with the best offensive weapon in the Prem or PSG are tiring of Zlatan's marketing campaigns, I don't see this happening.
  2. It's Arsenal. Yes, they splashed the big bucks to get Ozil last summer and yes, they have a reported 90-100m to work with this summer, but they also have several pressing needs to address before going hard after Benz (wing depth, central midfielder, right back, more depth everywhere). It's true that Giroud isn't the best of players, but they'll likely look to reinforce the position through depth rather than getting a big name striker now that Costa is allegedly headed to Chelsea and Mandzukic is apparently content at Bayern.
  3. 30m? Hahahahaha, that's nice. Add another 10-15m and then we'll talk.
Why it could happen?
  1. Arsenal has a reported 90-100m and need to keep up with offensive powers Manchester City, Liverpool and scumbag Costa arriving to aid Dark Lord Mou. While Giroud can be a very nice complimentary option, I don't think anyone considers him the type of striker to lead his club to the top of the table.
  2. Benz is in the final year of his contract and while there have been many rumors of a contract extension, nothing has materialized yet.
  3. Benz is inconsistent, even his biggest defenders have to admit it. Should he flop in the CL final, I could very easily see Flo opening up the checkbook and luring Suarez in. To bring in such a player will require big time funds and Benz's sale would go a long way toward procuring them.
In the end, I think Benz will stay and Arsène will have to settle for someone else and while I think that Benz would fit Arsenal's style like a mink coated glove, he fits Madrid's style maybe even better. Hands off, Monsieur Arsène!

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