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2014 Champions League Final: Live Report from Lisbon

Managing Madrid is in Lisbon

Lucas Navarrete

And here we are. Everything in Lisbon kind of confirms the "calm before the storm" saying. The stadium is getting ready by the stewards and UEFA is still handling the accreditation to the media. But the Estadio Da Luz looks really great already.


There aren't many Atleti de Madrid or Real fansaround just yet though. The dressing rooms were not open -shame-, but we have a nice Vine of the road the players will be walking from the dressing room to the pitch.

We also sat on Real Madrid's bench tomorrow. The whites will be playing as the home team, so the dressing room and the bench will be Benfica's.


It was a long drive to Lisbon. I left Valencia at 8am in the morning on Thursday and settled at the apartment at 9pm. It will all be worth it if Real Madrid manage to win La Décima.

Nicholas Rigg is traveling with me too, stay tuned to his twitter account and also mine to see more pictures and match-related content.

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