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Carlo Ancelotti: "Maybe we'll wear them out and then put Isco and Marcelo in"

Ancelotti, Casillas and Ramos addressed the media the day before the decisive Champions League Final

Laurence Griffiths

It wasn't a very entertaining press conference, but Ancelotti did say that he might consider putting Isco and Marcelo as game-changers. When asked by this site about how both players changed the derby that ended 2-2 at the Calder´on, he said the following:

We're considering every option, this might mean that you believe both of them should start tomorrow -laughs-.  Maybe they changed the game because Atleti were tired...That's the key. Maybe we'll wear them out and then put Isco and Marcelo in -more laughs-.

Other than that, Casillas and Ramos praised the fans and told they want to win La Decima for them.

"We know the effort some of them have made driving all the way to here, considering how bad the situation is", Ramos said. "We know we also have to win this for the fans that could not come and are watching the game at home".

Carlo Ancelotti obviously answered questions about the team's condition too.

I think today's session is very important to asses. Cris doesn't have any
problems, he's trained well and we’ll have to see how Pepe and Benzema are
because they have not trained this week. Today they will start the training
session and after we’ll make decision.

Ancelotti's point about Isco and Marcelo could be decisive. He knows that Atleti's stamina could play a big part on the game. Marcelo and Isco could be used as potential game-changers if needed. But nobody knows how good they could do if they start as well. It will be a very important decision by Ancelotti that could very well define not only the match but the season as a whole. He needs to get it right.

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