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2014 Champions League Final is the match Real Madrid was founded for

This club has built its history through European glory. It's always nice to win La Liga and the Copa del Rey, but the Champions League is the one trophy that automatically allows the players to get their names written in the history books.

Michael Regan

It's quite unfair. Real Madrid have played a brilliant Champions League, knocking down teams like Juventus, Dortmund and Bayern Munich with authority. And yet, the winner will be decided in just 90 minutes of football. Should Atlético win the title, nobody will remember this Real Madris squad that made it this far. But if los blancos get their hands on the trophy, they'll have the right to be eternal and have their pictures displayed on Santiago Bernabéu's museum. This generation of players deserves this European glory. Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Modric, Alonso and the rest of the squad deserve to win the trophy wearing the white shirt. A Liga title and a couple of Copa del Rey are simply not enough for this project.

It will not be easy. Atlético are clearly underdogs and they have nothing to lose. They will enjoy counterattacks and find space through the wings if Real's full backs try to dominate the game and take over. And that's Atlético's favorite scenario.

Some say that 12 years without playing a Champions League Final are too many, but that's not right. 12 years without lifting this trophy are too many. Real Madrid was not founded to play Finals. It was founded to win Finals. The Real Madrid players as a group probably don't know if they will have this kind of chance in the future. Do it for Alonso. Do it for the fans. Do it for your coach and family. Seize the opportunity and send a message: Real Madrid is back.

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