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UPDATE: Pepe and Benzema could both start 2014 Champions League Final

Benzema completed the training session, while Pepe missed the last ten minutes in order not to risk his calf injury.

Alex Livesey

There was a lot of expectation around Pepe, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo during Friday's training session. Everyone on the press tribune paid a lot of attention to those three players. Benzema started the session really slow and it seemed that he was going to need to sit the game out, but he warmed up and even participated in the shooting exercise. He never looked as confident as Pepe in terms of aggressive sprinting, but he completed the training session and Pepe did not.

However, a Real Madrid source confirmed that both Pepe and Ronaldo missed the last ten minutes of the session because they did not want to put their recovery in danger. That's why both of them headed to the dressing room 10 minutes ahead of their teammates.

Real Madrid legend Pedja Mijatovic asked Cristiano Ronaldo how he was feeling when the Portuguese player was in the tunnel and Cristiano Ronaldo said he was feeling well. There's still a lot of controversy around Pepe's potential presence in the starting lineup, but his training session was really good.

As things stand right now, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo are almost confirmed as Real Madrid starters while Ancelotti might want to be conservative and start Varane if Pepe is not feeling well enough. It will all depend on the Portuguese's decision.

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