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2014 Champions League Final, Real Madrid Vs Atlético de Madrid: Predict the Score!

You can win a shirt!

That's right! Win this amazing shirt (featuring Real Madrid's first ever logo) by correctly predicting today's score. It's very simple. Predict the score and Real's goal scorers and you will win that shirt! WorldFootballClothing has designed the shirt and will be delivering it to you with the size you want. Here are the rules.


I) The winner needs to get the score right, taking in mind that Real is the home team and Atleti the away team. Therefore, a 2-1 result will be read as a Real victory and not an Atleti win.

II) In order to break some probable ties, you need to guess Real's goalscorers. The one that gets closer, wins. For example, if one person thinks the game will finish 1-1 with a Karim Benzema goal and that is what happens, he will win the contest over the one who went for a 1-1 draw but with a Cristiano Ronaldo goal. If the game ends 2-1 with Cristiano Ronaldo and Ramos as scorers and one user got one player right with another user not being able to guess either one, the first user will win the shirt.

III) If there is more than one correct guess, the first comment will take the contest.

IV) Managing Madrid will contact the user via email to ask him/her the size of the shirt. If you're participating in this contest, you are allowing Managing Madrid to contact you via the e-mail provided during your registration.

V) Managing Madrid's staff will not participate in the contest.


Have fun!

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