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Ancelotti: "I'm ready to visit Cibeles"

An extremely happy Carlo Ancelotti talked to the media and he was so pleased he even got to chant with a few players after they interrupted the presser.

Michael Regan

Carlo Ancelotti

He started by talking about winning La Décima:

"We tried and we got it in the end. It was tough and we suffered a lot but I think we deserved it."

About tying the game in stoppage time:

"We tied the game in the extra-time. We believed we could win and it worked out in the end."

On Iker Casillas:

"They all played really well tonight and they gave their best. We finished the game extremely tired."

Carlo knows there's going to be a big celebration:

"I'm ready to visit Cibeles. To have a sleepless night. I want to dedicate this to my girlfriend and to my family. Thank you all."

On how does it feel to win the European Cup:

"I'm really happy because we won a tournament that's really hard to win. I've said it a lot of times. Happiness is making all of those who follow us day after day happy. I'm really happy for that."

Then, as he was answering the next question, a few Real Madrid players (Ramos, Isco, Marcelo, Modric, Khedira, Pepe and Morata) joined their coach in the press room to chant with him the famous "Cómo no te voy a querer".

On what was the toughest part of the game:

"It was trying to tie the game. We suffered a lot. We didn't have any space and Atlético defended really well but we tried until the very end with all our energy. In the end, we got the tie. After that goal, the game completely changed. That goal gave us a lot of strength."

Does he feel lucky after tying the game in stoppage time?:

"I'm lucky, but not just after this game. I don't think the added five minutes were exaggerated. I can't say I'm lucky for that. You have to play football until the very last second."

What was said during halftime and overtime:

"After halftime, that we needed to play a lot faster. For overtime, that he had to attack the sides because that's where we were creating more danger."

On his celebration with Florentino Pérez:

"He was really happy. The first day I visited Real Madrid's trophy room, I told him they were missing one Cup and that I would bring it to him and we actually got it. To win this European Cup we needed everybody's support. The team signed important players and I always felt like I was trusted. That's why we were calm to win our toughest matches."

Is there a difference between this final and the ones he faced as the coach of AC Milan?:

"Every final is really difficult. This was a really tough season, but a good one overall. I had really great professionals and it was fantastic. Marcelo wasn't happy entering this game and he became a key player. Every final is the same."

Any difference between this final and the one he lost in 2005?

"Easy, we lost back then but we won this one." (Well, duh)

On not winning the treble:

"We just won the most important tournament in the world. It was a great season. I can only thank these players."

He shared a few words with Diego Simeone:

"I congratulated him for his season and for winning La Liga. I have a lot of respect for him. He didn't win, but his team fought until the end. Atlético deserved to be here."

On Bale being decisive once again:

"He was really important. He couldn't score on previous chances but he was key in the moment of truth."

Gareth Bale

On his celebration after scoring the game-winning goal:

"I could only think about celebrating with the fans. This meant a lot to them."

On his missed chances before that goal:

"You learn a lot from past experiences and you can't forget the wasted chances. In the end, there's always one chance and it went in."

On the price Real Madrid paid to get him:

"To me, that doesn't mean anything. If they had paid only four millions I would've done exactly the same thing. I came here to play in a great league and to win trophies. Now we want more."

Ángel Di María

A very expressive Di María expressed his feelings after the game:

"We knew it was going to be a very tough game and if they scored, they would just fall back and defend. But we also knew that if we scored one they would crap themselves and we were able to solve the game in overtime."

On his feelings after winning La Décima:

"I felt an amazing relief. You just can't explain it. You can't explain what we just won and and the balls we had to win this game. Now, it's time to celebrate, enjoy and then to keep working in the future."

"It's great to win my first Champions League and to give the club their tenth. You dream about it as a little kid. I'm really happy after sacrificing ourselves for an entire year. Sadly, we lost the chance to win the treble."

Sergio Ramos

On his goal tonight:

"It's the most important goal of my career. The satisfaction we're giving our fans is unbelievable after fighting until the end. This is not my goal only, it's the goal of every single madridista, of my family and of those who have supported us. We deserved it after so many years."

"Scoring is an amazing feeling. It all happens so fast that you barely notice. We just made history against a great opponent. We are giving the Champions League to every football lover."

Florentino Pérez

On winning La Décima:

"It's a win for the players, for the fans. A win that makes the legend that is Real Madrid even bigger with this magic number that is "La Décima", which was already an obsession for us. I'm really proud of being the president of these players and these fans."

Some words for Carlo Ancelotti:

"Carlo got here and brought us La Décima in his first year. He's done a good job. We had a good season with seven new players and we'll celebrate it."

And, of course, some words for the fans:

"I've always said that if this team has become a legendary club throughout its history it's thanks to the fans, which are the best part of Real Madrid. The best thing is the culture of these fans. They're already thinking about the eleventh and twelfth and that's what makes Madrid eternal."

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