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Benzema: "I would love to have Pogba with us at Real Madrid"

Karim Benzema would love to have Pogba at Real Madrid. And so would we.

Valerio Pennicino

Karim Benzema and Raphäel Varane are with the French national squad over at Clairefontaine, getting ready for the World Cup. And it seems that one of them has starting to show some love for Paul Pogba, one of Real Madrid's main reported targets this summer window.

Paul is a young player who plays for a very powerful team. He needs to work just the way he's working now, but I'd love to have him with us at Real Madrid, not only because he's French but also because he's a great player.


And so do we, Karim Benzema. Pogba is a player that could really improve Real Madrid's midfield with his physicality and his skills with the ball as well. It might take some phone calls from Zinedine Zidane to convince him, and obviously the club will need to spend some millions on the transfer -Juventus will not let him go cheap-, but this might be worth every penny.

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