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Real Valladolid Vs Real Madrid, Liga BBVA 2013-2014: Player Ratings

Rough game in Valladolid, where the late goal by Osorio crushed our chances to win la Liga this year. Poor performance by our players, who seemed happy with the 0-1 advantage and will now need to completely focus in the UCL final.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Iker Casillas: B. Not a bad game by Casillas at all, but it's hard to say it was good either, since he almost had nothing to do throughout the whole match. He couldn't have done anything to avoid Valladolid's equalizer.

Nacho: B. Convincing as usual. A good and solid performance in defensive terms, but we definitely missed Carvajal running up the right wing with the team creating almost no danger there.

Pepe: B+. Quite correct as well. His work inside Real Madrid's box was truly remarkable. He ended the game with severe pain but his involvement in the coming games does not seem to be endangered.

Ramos: A. Undoubtedly, Real Madrid's best player today. His duel with Javi Guerra was a complete success for him and his freekick goal means he has scored four times in the last three games.

Coentrao: B+. He was as solid as Nacho, but his offensive performance was noticeably higher than that of the #18. His options to be Real Madrid's starting left-fullback in Lisbon keep rising.

Alonso: B-. Good positioning and tactical display, as usual, and some remarkable defensive actions, but he could not help his midfield companions to ellaborate Real Madrid's game.

Modric: B+. Real Madrid's best midfielder today. He shone in both defense and attack but he was somehow alone and it was not enough for us to create goal chances.

Isco: B-. Not a good performance today. Some good actions close to Valladolid's box, that's true, but he seemed lost during the whole game. While his tactical obedience has been remarkable with the 4-4-2, today's transition to the 4-3-3 seemed to confuse him.

Ronaldo: D. He left the game in the 8th minute with harmstring problems just for precaution, but that means he should not have played. Since he claims he knows his body better than anyone and he makes the final decision about playing or not, he must be criticized today.

Benzema: B. His job today is difficult to grade. While he was unclear towards Valladolid's goal and looked indolent at certain moments, he made some really good moves that favoured Real Madrid's best chances to score.

Di María: B-. Too chaotic today, just like Isco. He seemed a bit lost as well but his physical display was much higher.

Morata: B-. He entered the game to occupy Ronaldo's spot and was wilful, as usual, but his match was terribly dissapointing. Anxiety may be the best word to describe his performance today, and that's not a good thing.

Illarramendi: B-. Not the best game by the Basque. He took Isco's place, presumably with the aim of slowing down the game's pace and, although he partially succeeded, it was not enough.

Marcelo: B-. He took Benzema's spot and occupied an offensive position in the left wing. He should have been more useful in the last minutes, after Valladolid scored.

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