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Ancelotti: "The Problem Was The Lack Of Mental Energy"

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media after another disappointing draw in La Liga. He claims that his team played well for 70 minutes. Not sure everyone will agree with him there. Joining him are Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Carlo Ancelotti

His take of the game:

"We controlled the game for 70 minutes. Then, we lost control of it in the last 20, allowing a goal on a set-piece. I don't think this was the result of a lack of attitude. Iker didn't have to make a save. We had good control of the game. For 70 minutes, the team played well. The end was a lot harder as we pulled back a bit and had to start defending on our own zone and ended up allowing a goal on a set-piece."

On the condition of Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and Ángel Di María:

"We'll look at it in the next few days. I don't think Cristiano's injury is serious. He wasn't comfortable and that's why I subbed him. About Pepe, he didn't finish the match well. Di María's injury doesn't look serious either but we'll know more in the next few days".

About the two consecutive poor results after that amazing win against Bayern Munich:

"I've said that some things have not worked out in the last two games. We are not having the mental energy to play these kind of games, the final games of the season. The main problem in the last two games was the lack of that mental energy".

Asked about whether this team is tired and if they will be in shape to play in the Champions League final:

"We have enough time to prepare the final. I don't see my team physically tired. Physically, they're fine. I think it's not easy to recover quickly after the Champions League semifinals, especially during the final part of the season".

Did they lose La Liga tonight? If they did, who's the favourite to win it:

"It's clear that it's really hard to win La Liga now but mathematically, it's not over yet. We have to try to win the last two games. I don't care about the other teams or which one of them is the favourite".

Sergio Ramos

He knows that winning La Liga is almost impossible now:

"It's clear that we just said goodbye to La Liga. We didn't secure the game when we had to. When you're winning, it's inevitable to have your team pull back to defend. As long as we have a mathematic chance to win the tournament, Real Madrid has to fight for it. We're not machines and people end up tired."

On his 400th game as a Real Madrid player:

"That's not enough for me. When you don't win as a game, any goals or personal milestones don't matter".

Xabi Alonso

Much like Ramos, Xabi knows this is pretty much over:

"La Liga is practically over for us. We need some unlikely results but we'll wait and see what happens".

On some of the issues the team had tonight:

"Those are symptoms that we can't see again. Facing the final in Lisbon, our motivation is at its maximum level and we can't have these things happen again. I'm upset with the team and with myself because we didn't know how to give the last 45 minutes the importance needed".

On injuries and fatigue:

"At this point in the season you have to live with those. We've had a lot of injuries but with the available players we had, it was more than enough to win tonight".

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