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Real Madrid need to sign a goalkeeper this summer

Casillas proves once again that he's way past his prime.

Paul Gilham

Real Madrid should sign a young goalkeeper this summer. If it wasn't for Sergio Ramos' last-second header, Real Madrid would've lost the Champions League Final because of Iker Casillas' terrible mistake on Godín's goal. And yesterday, Vicente del Bosque's Spanish squad lost 1-5 with three terrible mistakes by the goalkeeper and one questionable call by the referee.

I'm talking about Netherlands' third goal here. Casillas was fouled. That is obvious. But the same thing would not have happened to other goalkeepers like Thibaut Courtois or Buffon who dominate in the aerial game. They would've taken that contact while catching the ball, no question. The truth is that Iker Casillas is not the same goalkeeper he once was. We've been seeing that for years now. And here in Spain, we've been called extreme fans who were biased towards Mourinho for saying that. The whole country probably saw yesterday how right we were. We are the ones watching the games.

Yes, Casillas might still have some good games left to offer, but he's not the consistent goalie of the past. And that's why Real Madrid need to sign a goalkeeper for the next season.

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