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Former Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuaín to FC Barcelona almost a done deal

Wasn't he a true madridista?

Giuseppe Bellini

Real Madrid sold Gonzalo Higuaín to Napoli for 40M€ last summer. He admitted to be disappointed about the move and the fans' reaction towards him when he announced that he'd be leaving the Spanish capital, but now he's just about to sign for FC Barcelona, according to Marca.

Some Real Madrid fans said Higuaín was a true madridistaHe even said so when he was a child. And know, he will sign for the bitter rivals just one year after leaving the club. Either he is really mad at the club or he wasn't a true madridista. But the truth is that those fans that once backed him up and defended his feelings and emotions towards the club will now have to admit that a true madridista would never sign for Barcelona.

Higuaín has every right to sign for FC Barcelona. And the same goes for every player in the world of football. But this player was believed to be a Real Madrid fan. And that makes a big difference.

UPDATE: Napoli are dismissing the rumor via Twitter. Still, Marca's report said that the player and Barcelona had an agreement pending of a negotiation between Napoli and Barcelona.

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