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Karim Benzema will stay with Real Madrid "no matter what happens with Suárez"

French reporter Frederic Hermel said this during yesterday's Chiringuito de Jugones in La Sexta.

Paul Gilham

Nobody knows what will happen with Luis Suárez and Real Madrid. Today, El Mundo Deportivo reports that he could be Barcelona's main target this summer, while other journalists believe that he will surely sign for Real Madrid. And one way or another, French reporter Frederic Hermel, who writes for L'Equipe, said that Karim Benzema will not go anywhere "no matter what happens this summer."

Karim Benzema is going to stay with Real Madrid. He doesn't want anything else, he's a Real Madrid fan and he knows that it would be a step back to join any other team. No matter what happens this summer, Benzema is staying. Real Madrid want a midfielder and a backup striker for Benzema, but even if Suárez was to sign, Benzema would stay.

That's a very interesting report. Benzema has played great this season but he could still improve his goal scoring record a bit. that said, Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid's main scorer and Benzema needs to work to create space for the Portuguese player. How Suárez will adapt to this role is not known, but one way or another, Benzema doesn't want to go anywhere else.

It should also be noted that Frederic Hermel sometimes contributes to Real Madrid TV's match reports, and he's obviously close to Karim Benzema and Raphäel Varane.

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