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Real Madrid Swimming in Champions League Cash

Playing in the Champions League, and winning it, is a pretty nice deal for clubs' wallets.

Alex Livesey

You may have heard by now, but Real Madrid won the Champions League a little over a month ago. While winning the trophy, and especially against crosstown rivals, is enough of an award in itself, the club has also profited quite handsomely from this achievement.

According to a report released by UEFA today, Real Madrid earned a whopping 57.4 million Euros from their deep run to the title. From the report:

Unsurprisingly, eventual winners Real Madrid CF secured the highest payment from the UEFA Champions League, their €57.4m including the standard €8.6m participation bonus, more than €20.5m from the market pool and over €28m in performance monies including €10.5m for their final victory. The figures include payments to certain clubs that are being withheld due to non-compliance with financial fair play regulations.

By contrast the second-highest payment, prior to deduction, was to Paris Saint-Germain who exited in the quarter-finals but were due to receive €54.4m...

Runner-ups Atleti received a little over €50m while Barca earned nearly €42m. The interesting thing is that even the clubs who didn't do so hot pocketed a nice piece of coin. Anderlecht, a team outscored 17-4 in the groups and one which didn't pick up a single win, still earned over €12m.

Additionally, Real Madrid also picked up some more good news in the form of moving up UEFA's coefficient rankings this Tuesday. They started the season third but with a Champions League title they moved up past Bayern and Barca and with several of La Liga's clubs doing so well in European competitions it allowed Spain to stay on top of the rankings as well.

All in all, a pretty solid week for Real Madrid.

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