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July 10 Open Thread

No World Cup games today so feel free to discuss other things!

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Well, we have our World Cup finalists. Leo Messi will lead his Albiceleste against Sami Khedira and future Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos and Die Mannschaft. It should be a cracker and it remains to be seen if Argentina will have enough gas left in the tank after duking it out for 120 minutes against the Dutch yesterday.

Speaking of Sami, reports are starting to surface that he's spurning Real Madrid's contract extension talks in order to get a move elsewhere. His contract ends next summer so this is a very real possibility. What are your thoughts, should the club go all out to keep him or try and sell him before he walks for nothing?

Other things we can discuss:

  • The WC final;
  • Transfer moves across Europe;
  • What moves you think RM still has to make;
  • More ADS memories ( we can never have enough of those);
  • What you want to see from the team this coming season;
  • FM14, FIFA 14 tactics;
  • Where you think LeBron James will end up;
  • Thick vs. thin crust pizza. Thin is easier to manage but if you're going to take the time to have a slice then might as well make it proper and go thick - don't be lazy;
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch vs. Frosted Flakes;
  • Emmy nominations being announced today (I'm going to be super TICKED if Jon Hamm gets snubbed again);
  • Emile Heskey vs. Nicklas Bentdner. Which one would you pick as the cornerstone of your Sunday League team;
  • The theme of compassion and forgiveness in Dante's Inferno;
  • Anything, just be civil about it.
All right, chat away. Play nice. #DareToZlatan.

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