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Managing Madrid's World Cup Challenge Results

It came down to the wire but we have our winner!

Matthias Hangst

If you all recall, a month ago we created and ESPN World Cup bracket predictor game and a fantastic 42 of you took part in it! Well done, you lot!

Now that the World Cup is over as Germany beat Argentina 1-0, we have our results and boy were they close! Each correct pick netted a contestant a certain amount of points with the points increasing as we went deeper into the cup. In our little tournament, the difference between the first place and second place finisher was only three points (128 to 125)!

So without further ado, the winner is... (drumroll)... ESPN user ahlalala! Hooray for you, ahlalala! Feel free to identify yourself here on MM if you'd like and you'll win a grand prize of absolutely nothing! Haha, sorry, we would have a monetary prize but Ireland spent it all on champagne and victory shirts while running around the block screaming and celebrating Germany's win. You can have all the bragging rights you'd like, though, you've earned them with your freakishly accurate picks.

To see all the results, click here. Once again, thank you to all the participants and we'll see you again in four years!


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