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Toni Kroos: "I'm Going to Real Madrid"

A jubilant Toni Kroos reportedly told a German radio station of his impending transfer to Real Madrid during his post-World Cup celebration.

Martin Rose

In an interview with German radio station ZDF, Toni Kroos--fresh off his World Cup-winning performance for Germany--spilled some rather ill-concealed beans. "We’ve finished the World Cup in the best way possible," the young midfielder stated, jubilantly. "Now I’m going to Madrid, so that’s two dreams achieved."

Wait, what?

You heard that correctly--or so reputable Liga news-site Inside Spanish Football says (I don't speak a word of German other, than the word for "industrial drill," which is "industriebohrer" ...which kinda makes sense if you think about it, though I will not explain why I know that).

I think what we really have left to do, at this point, is speculate about which number Toni will wear when he dons the All-White. I don't feel like making a poll, but I would be happy to entertain some wild speculation in the comment section. Also, if Ireland can unearth a betting website where I can get 100-1 odds on the number "00" then I'll go ahead and drop a tenner on it.

Enjoy your Hofbrau- (or Malbec-) induced hangovers, MM.

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