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Corrigenda: Toni Kroos did not confirm his move to Real Madrid

Twitter user @CarlosRojasRuiz made up Kroos' quotes and the media, including Managing Madrid, reported them.

Martin Rose

After Germany won the World Cup against Germany, the Internet soon picked up Toni Kroos' quotes about joining Real Madrid. The media, including very prestigious companies like ESPN, EFE, El País, Teledeporte and other International media including this site reported these quotes, but @CarlosRojasRuiz was the one who first trolled the whole Internet by making up Kroos' statement.

Here's the tweet who started it all.

Even if you see reports of this quotes around multiple and reputable sources, believe them not. Kroos did not say a thing about Real Madrid after the World Cup Final ended. Kroos will sign for Real Madrid soon and he could be unveiled as soon as this Thursday, but he did not say what has been reported over the last few hours.

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