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James Rodríguez Arrives at Madrid Airport

The star of the past World Cup was spotted arriving to the Madrid airport with his representative and his girlfriend. Is he in Madrid so he can be officially presented as a Real Madrid player?

Clive Rose

Like Managing Madrid reported a few days ago, James Rodríguez will become a Real Madrid player. To give all the speculation and all these reports a fun turn, the Colombian player arrived at the Madrid Airport this Sunday with his agent and his girlfriend. Some fans even had the chance to take some pics with him.

It's important to mention this could be just a stop on his return to Monaco, as it's a common route to take if you're trying to go to Monaco from Medellín, Colombia, but expect even more noise to be made about James becoming a Real Madrid player after this.

James Rodríguez will definitely become a Real Madrid player. It's happening, folks. There's no way he doesn't become a Merengue. It's just a matter of when we will get the official confirmation. It will also be interesting to find out the exact numbers (transfer fee, salary) of this deal.

Let's hope we actually get that info sooner rater than later.

UPDATE: According to Diario As, James touched down in Madrid en-route to Nice. From there, he'll go to Monaco to talk to his club about his transfer.

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