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How does James' arrival impact the current squad?

With the much anticipated transfer of the Columbian finally completed, Real Madrid now have some serious personnel issues to sort out.

James has the weight of the world on his shoulders
James has the weight of the world on his shoulders
Denis Doyle

With his astronomical $107 Million fee finally sorted, it's now time to face reality: it will be tough for James Rodriguez to fit into this Real Madrid side. While it may be too soon to cast doubts on this signing, serious questions must be asked of the sanity of Florentino Perez. Paying 70M€ for a World Cup sensation seems downright stupid, given the sublime quality of the already overcrowded squad that Real Madrid already posses. There was no need for this signing, and it is a worrying flashback to his Galactico Policy. How can James possibly fit into this team?

First and most worrying is the imminent departure of Angel di Maria. Players of di Maria's quality and humbleness are not easy to find. Given that he just came off of his best season with the club, where he was the key to both of their titles, it seems rather reasonable that he demanded that his wages reflect his value. Real Madrid's apparent disregard for di Maria's value is simply shocking. Once the Argentine became comfortable on the left side of Madrid's midfield he was simply sensational, leading both la Liga and the Champions League in assists (via In addition to his brilliant vision, his defensive work ethic is also spectacular. If (maybe more of a question of when) di Maria leaves, it will be an embarrassment to this club- and undeniably leave a mark on Florentino's second reign in charge.

If it is not di Maria who will suffer because of this impulse purchase, then will it be Isco who suffers? Has Mr. Perez forgotten the signing that he made just 12 months ago? What will happen to the Spanish Golden Boy? Isco undoubtedly has world class ability, and his signing was a surprising, but welcomed turn of policy by Florentino.  While his season was not perfect, as he adjusted to a significant formation change, Isco was incredible in midfield against both Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Ideally, Isco will continue in the vision of Ancelotti and develop into a Seedorf like player and be unaffected by the arrival of James.

The questions keep on coming for Florentino. What is the fate of Jese now that James has arrived? Real Madrid have produced a future Ballon d'Or in the young Spaniard, and it would be an absolute travesty if he, a true Madridista through and through, were not able to fulfill his dream of being the club's next superstar. Assuming his recovery continues to plan, Jese will definitely be challenging for a starting XI role in the coming years. Will the high price acquisition of James, a similar player, hurt his chances? The questions as to how James exactly fits into this team are endless, there is even a good chance that he will compete with Benzema for the #9 position. Whatever the case, Carlo Ancelotti has a challenging couple of months ahead.

The fact of the matter is that Florentino Perez will not be out trumped by anyone, even at the cost of his own, proven players. Now that James is a Real Madrid player, he will have the full support of every Madridista- but we will have astronomical expectations that match his astronomical fee.  Unfortunately someone, probably undeservedly, will suffer as a result of this transfer- but hopefully it will all work out for the best.

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