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Real Madrid's Nacho Fernández signs a new six-year contract

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The defender will stay with Real Madrid at least until the 2020-2021 season.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Even though it will be hard for Nacho to ever have a starting spot with Real Madrid, he can still be a valuable asset in the roster, and that's why los blancos and the Spanish International -yes, he made his debut for Spain this season- have announced a contract extension.

Nacho has played in the center of the defensive line this season although former Real Madrid coach José Mourinho thought he could be a good full back. Still, he has also performed as a left back when Coentrao and Marcelo were injured. Nacho has always been a center back, and considering how good Ramos, Pepe and Varane are, he will have a hard time fighting for a spot against those four players. Anyway, it's always necessary to have role players like him to play some games and rotate the starters, so Nacho's contract extension is positive both for the player and Real Madrid.