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Ancelotti: "James and Kroos will start tomorrow"

Iker Casillas, Gareth Bale and Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press one day before the first official game in the 2014-15 season.

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A perfectly chosen sample from the Real Madrid squad sat down with the media a few minutes ago to answer a few questions regarding the general state of the team and particular features of our most important players. Iker Casillas, acting as Real Madrid's captain, was the first to speak, and he denied having felt mistreated by the press or the fans:

This is the biggest team in the world and so the pressure is very high, but we are used to it. I have never felt unfairly judged by anyone. I do my best to help the team but I admit that I have not been at my best condition lately. However, I've had worse moments in my career and I overcame them, so I will try to do that again.

Iker took his chance to welcome his new teammates in Real Madrid:

We need to be patient with the newbies, because it is always hard to get used to a new team and a new city, but I'm sure they will help us a lot. Our squad was already great, which we proved by winning two titles, but I think we are stronger now.

Gareth Bale, who acts as the host since the UEFA Super Cup is held in Cardiff, his hometown, also answered a few questions and confirmed he is willing to be important for the team again this season:

I am now settled with the team and with my partners, and this year I have been able to do a proper pre-season, which is great. I feel fantastic.

It is great to be here, at home, but what is truly important is to win all the titles, no matter how, no matter who plays, no matter who scores.

In the end, it was Carlo Ancelotti, our coach, who spoke to the media for a longer time and discussed all the relevant Real Madrid related topics. The big news was, obviously, that Kroos and James will be in the lineup tomorrow:

All our players are OK now. It is true that we have not won any game yet, but our work has been satisfactory. Some players have only had a few days of training, but they are all in a good condition.

James can play in any position upfront: he is naturally a winger, but he can also appear behind the striker, as he did in the World Cup. I have also thought about using him as an offensive midfielder.

Toni Kroos is a great player and he will, obviously, improve our roster. His tactical skills and his positioning are truly remarkable.

Carletto also spoke about Gareth Bale, who he considers a candidate for the FIFA Ballon d'Or, and about Cristiano Ronaldo, who is fully recovered from his knee injury and will play tomorrow, so the lineup Lucas suggested seems the most plausible right now.

Transfer talk was also discussed. Ancelotti confirmed that he still counts on Di María and Khedira.

Sami has a contract with Real Madrid until June 30th, and we are willing to use him to win titles. He is working hard to be able to help us.

Di María is focused in doing a good job with us now. He has been training seriously since August 5th and he has come to Cardiff to help the team. Maybe we will not know what his fate will be until August 31st but, right now, he is a Real Madrid player and he is acting like that.

Finally, there were also words about the duel for the goalkeeper spot and for Diego López, who is heading to Milan:

Casillas will play tomorrow. I may or may not have decided how we are going to handle the goalkeeper issue this season, but I will not say anything else right now. What is clear is that Iker is a great goalkeeper. He did a fantastic job last season and, although he admits he made some mistakes, we have to remember that mistakes are inherent to football.

I spoke to Diego yesterday to thank him for his work in Madrid and to wish him good luck. He will have a great chance in Milan to prove how good he is.

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