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Carlo Ancelotti: "Toni Kroos' performance was perfect"

Carlo and the players enjoy the result after a promising display.


Well, one down, five more to go, eh? Real Madrid played, for the most part, good football with Toni Kroos being arguably the star of the show from the opening minute. His passes and control of play from the midfield was simply superb and Carlo singled him out for praise immediately.

Toni Kroos' performance was perfect; he was quick and clear in everything he did. The new players showed their quality. We're more confident than we were this time last year - and that's rubbed off on the team.

The whole squad didn't have much time to prepare for this game, at least not as much time as Sevilla had, but Carlo was still pleased.

It wasn't easy preparing for the game but we played good with quality.

And finally, his thoughts on the BBC, which provided both the goals and assists today.

Cristiano Ronaldo was better than expected. He has scored two goals. Bale is at a great physical and football level and Benzema played a great game. We are very happy.

Gareth Bale, or Garebear as I like to call him since we're such buddies and all, was also pretty positive about the results and the future.

We gelled as a team, we've got a lot of time to improve, but hopefully we'll start the season well. We want to win every title against any team. Five more titles to fight for. We don't feel pressure we'll continue working.

He also gave a shoutout to BFF Cristiano Ronaldo and new kid on the block J-Rod.

Cristiano is a great player and it's a pleasure playing by his side. James hasn't train a lot but he played well tonight and I can't wait to play beside him. He'll improve the team.

Ronaldo, he of the two goals scored today, also provided a positive outlook on the day's events and his own status.

This is a very special moment for me. I really wanted this trophy, because I've never won it before. The team has been really good, I have to congratulate them. We wanted to give ourselves confidence for the rest of the season and we're started the best possible way. The past is the past. I had problems at the end of last season and at the World Cup, but now it's in the past. I'm back and I scored two important goals. Thanks to our fans, we won this for them, they're always with us and this is a moment to remember.

Finally, blossoming psychopath Dani Carvajal summed it up best:

It's difficult, but we want to win everything. We are Real Madrid and we'll go for it.

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