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Scouting Fiorentina, Real Madrid's rival this Saturday

We interview Viola Nation's writer MiQ in order to know a bit more about Fiorentina, Real Madrid's rival this Saturday.

Gabriele Maltinti

It's a bit strange to play a friendly just three days before a crucial Supercup match against Atlético de Madrid, but this is just how things go for Real Madrid at the moment. I expect Carlo Ancelotti to play with a lot of reserves and give some starters only 45 minutes, but it should still be interesting to play against the Viola, who aim to win the Scudetto this next season.

We have interviewed MiQ, Viola Nation's writer, and here are his answers. Make sure you read my own answers to Viola Nation's questions about Real Madrid.

Q: You have Borja Valero, whose still adapts perfectly to the Serie A. The Spanish media pretty much thought that Real Madrid should've signed him a couple of years ago. Do you think he's that good?

In a team where Cuadrado, Rossi and Gomez play, most of the fans at least on Viola Nation have the following solution to every difficult match "Keep Calm and Pass to Borja". He has been the soul of the team in the past two years is arguably most fans favorite Fiorentina player. After everything he did in the past two seasons, it was difficult to see him snubbed from the national team selection.

Q: It seems that Barcelona want Cuadrado for the right back position in a four-man defensive line. Can he play there? Is he that capable defensively? Would you sell him for the reported fees?

Cuadrado is best suited as a winger since Montella almost played him in every position possible. Last season when Rossi and Gomez where out due to injuries, Montella played him most of the matches swapping right and left wing throughout the match and he did pretty well with that. Even at the national team, up to the World Cup the coach has been playing him at the right back position but his success as a winger in Coppa Italia and the league were enough to change that. Personally, i think he is defensively capable to a certain limit. He is fast enough to catch anyone running on the wing but he lacks a bit in the tackling department. There have been many fees circling around in the media but the general feel from Fiorentina fans is that anything more than 45-50M is acceptable.

Q: I have always liked Aquilani, but it seems that he has not reached the potential we all saw three or four years ago. What kind of player is he now?

Aquilani Aquilani. In 2012/13 season he was one of the three tenors in Fiorentina's midfield alongside Borja and David Pizarro. That midfield was one of the best in Serie A. Last season Aquilani's performance deteriorated and his many misses and poor yellow card inducing tackles were a cause of frustration for Fiorentina fans during every match. Towards the end of the season the Italian national started to show up more and was tried by Montella in the regista position when Pizarro was not available and did pretty well. His best quality is his mentality; He is one of the few Fiorentina players that do not give up keep running like it is a Champions League final match all the time.

Q: With Rossi and Gómez healthy, can you fight for the Serie A? (I think so)

If i am not mistaken, Rossi scored 5 goals less than Serie A goal scorer last season. It is worth saying that Immobile (Serie A goal scorer of season 2013/14) played most of Torino game while Rossi played only half. Gomez showed his ability to score and adapt to Serie A defenses in the first few matches he played last season before getting injured. I do not want to jinx what you suggested and I believe with both Rossi and Gomez healthy, you will see Fiorentina in the Champions League next season, or maybe we will need to redo this blog collaboration in next summer's UEFA Super Cup match.

Q: And finally, what are your thoughts on Joaquín? Has he reached the level he was on during his year in Málaga?

Joaquin is one of those players that perform well despite the team they play for or the league they challenge at. He is a world class player but his age has probably reduced his playing time and nothing else.

So yes, it's not the perfect situation to play Fiorentina this Saturday, but the match was scheduled a long time ago and Ancelotti and his coaching staff will just have to deal with it.

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