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Real Madrid Vs Fiorentina: Uneventful 2-1 loss

Real Madrid should have never played this game. Ancelotti's men lost, but luckily enough nobody got injured before the Spanish Supercup against Atlético de Madrid.

Clive Mason

Nobody cared much about this match, and Real Madrid's only target was to avoid injuries three days before the Spanish Supercup game against Atlético de Madrid. Still, this was a good chance to see Khedira and Di María back in a Real Madrid uniform. Both of them were clearly exhausted after the first half an hour, so even if they stay at Real Madrid it should take them long before both players start a game ahead of Modric, Kroos, Bale and company.

Cristiano Ronaldo keeps scoring though. Real Madrid got the opener off a good counterattack driven by Di María and finished by the Portuguese striker. It seems that he has used his days off well, as Ronaldo looks completely recovered from his physical problems. He played just 45 minutes. Shortly after, Fiorentina scored the equalizer after a really bad turnover by Xabi Alonso. If he doesn't step it up, Alonso is going to have a difficult time with Modric and Kroos in the roster. Another player who is in trouble is Arbeloa. He will no longer fight for a starting spot against Carvajal, but his versatility and professionalism could still make him a useful backup defender. Arbeloa's defending on Fiorentina's second goal was nonexistent.

Keylor Navas did nothing wrong in this game -in fact, he was able to feature in the highlight reel with a brilliant save in the 72nd minute-, but he still conceded two goals that were not his fault, simply put. Unfair for a man who's fighting for a place in the starting lineup. Illarramendi was decent, but not impressive. His lack of confidence has become quite obvious, and the midfielder is just too shy when playing alongside Xabi Alonso.

Real Madrid should have never played this game, but now Ancelotti and his staff need to feel happy about this calm match that ended without injuries. Onto the Spanish Supercup.

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