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Introduce yourselves: Let's get to know each other!

Managing Madrid is a growing community of madridistas all around the world. We may never have the chance to drink a cup of coffee together, but we can still get to know each other a little better.

Clive Mason

Hello everybody! I am guessing you are feeling pretty excited about the start of the second season in Carletto's era: Uncle Flo got us a few wonderful transfers and the first official game couldn't hardly have been better for us. Thus, it is perhaps the best moment to get to know each other a little and to start building a great community that will support our team for the whole season.

Some of the users have been around for a while now, but I have been noticing some new nicknames in the last few days. You are all welcome to share information about yourselves in this post, regardless of whether you have already posted around 2000 GIFs or it is your first comment on the site. It will be fun for all of us!

Whatever you decide to share is totally up to you, but you can find here a tentative list of prompts to guide you:

  • Your real first name.
  • Where you are from and where you currently live in.
  • When, how and why you became a Real Madrid fan, and what other football teams you support.
  • Some of your earliest and sweetest memories as a madridista.
  • How long have you been reading Managing Madrid and how you found our site.
  • Any cool or fun facts about yourselves, not necesarily related to your madridismo.
Let's do this, fellas!

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