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Atlético de Madrid Vs Real Madrid, 2014 Spanish Supercup: Player ratings

Collectively, our players displayed a poor performance against a stronger Atlético de Madrid. Our centerbacks were just horrible, but James and Carvajal were quite acceptable.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Iker Casillas (6): He couldn't possibly have done anything in Atlético's first shot, which led to their only goal. He had a couple of good saves, but one of them followed an error of his that could have meant Atlético's decisive goal.

Carvajal (8): Dani played an amazing game today. He was, arguably, our only man displaying a similar intensity to that of Atlético's players. He was almost never beaten in defensive tasks and helped a lot when Real Madrid had the ball.

Varane (4): Bad performance by Rafa tonight. He suffered a lot against Atlético's physical strikers and, just like Ramos, failed to deflect Atlético's long balls.

Sergio Ramos (2): Together with Varane, he suffered against Atlético's long balls and, in fact, blundered in Atlético's first goal. Besides, he was not intelligent enough to avoid his opponents's taunts and could have been shown a red card.

Coentrao (6): Correct defensive game by Fabio, but not brilliant. Good connections with James in the first half.

Xabi Alonso (6): Good positioning and tactical display, as usual, but his passing was never sharp enough to break Atlético's defense. He suffered a lot to match Atlético's pressure.

Modric (6): He appeared a lot in the second half, when Kroos left the field, but he was not nearly half as good as the amazing midfielder he was last season, and he ended up being expelled. He needs to improve.

Kroos (3): Slow and predictable. His passing precision was high, as usual, but he was never able to really improve Real Madrid's situation. He may be suffering because of a poor pre-season after four games in eighteen days.

Bale (3): Bad performance by Bale tonight. He seemed Real Madrid's best player in the pre-season but he really floundered against Atlético's tight defense.

Benzema (6): His moves were really good throughout the whole game, although he never had any clear chance inside the box.

James (8): He was, possibly, Real Madrid's best offensive player today. Starting from the left wing, he appeared everywhere in the frontline, creating space for his partners and for himself. He had three goal chances but, unfortunately, he failed to score all of them.

Ronaldo (7): His entrance served to give oxygen to his partners and he was able to push Atlético's defense a bit backwards. Perhaps he was not able to play a full game, but he was Real Madrid's best player in the second half.

Isco and Marcelo (4): They took the spots of James and Coentrao, but they didn't really improve their performances.

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