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Ancelotti does not rule out more signings for Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti ruled Cristiano Ronaldo out of Sunday's game against Real Sociedad as well.

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Just a couple of days before the summer transfer window ends, Ancelotti did not say whether Real Madrid will sign more players or not, which probably means that Florentino Pérez and the rest of the board will indeed make at least one signing.

No, I really can't say if we are going to sign someone or not. We'll see. Some people might think they roster is not deep enough, but we have a lot of versatile players, like Isco or James who can play as strikers, and Jesé will also be back soon. I can't say anything about our targets. We don't have a desperate need, but if we think one signing can improve the roster, we'll sign.

Cristiano Ronaldo will not play with Portugal on the next FIFA break, and Carlo Ancelotti decided to leave him out of Real's list to play Real Sociedad too.

Ronaldo is fine, but we decided to use this couple of weeks to completely recover him and get him ready for the derby against Atlético de Madrid. He's not available tomorrow.

The journalists asked Ancelotti about Özil, Di María and Alonso's departures.

Each situation is different. Some players might not like to compete for a spot, some others want to get more money and others might be looking for extra motivation. I respect those reasons, and if someone wants to leave the world's biggest club, that's fine.

Ancelotti loves balance, and he lost Alonso and Di María.

I am not worried about it, we will find the balance with the players we have. These players deserve trust for what they did last season. I read things about how bad we played, I thought we did not win La Décima and then played the video at home, and yes, we won it! I have a very competitive roster and we signed three players with brilliant quality, I think the roster has improved in comparison to last season. We've signed the best deep midfielder available, Alonso has surprised everybody with his decision, but we keep going with Illarra and the rest of the guys who will have more minutes.

Isco is available to play, according to Ancelotti. Reports say that he could play in the midfield, while James would be replacing Cristiano Ronaldo on the left wing.

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