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Real Sociedad Vs Real Madrid, Liga BBVA 2014-2015: Player Ratings

A lack of responsibility and attitude doomed Real Madrid against a Real Sociedad team that played—and lost 3-0—a Europe League match last Thursday.

David Ramos
  • Iker Casillas: 3. Real Sociedad only had five shots on goal and scored four. While the first two goals were not really his fault, the ball went right past him. Still, he needs to command his defense much better on the corner-kicks. Butragueño said after the game that Casillas had "nothing to do with either one of their goals", and that's simply not true.
  • Dani Carvajal: 4. Tried his best and still that wasn't enough. If Real Madrid are going to play that wide, he needs to improve his crosses as soon as possible.
  • Pepe: 3. The whole defensive system was poor, and Pepe plays a big part on that. He did not make a single and specific mistake, but Real Sociedad scored four goals and that's unacceptable for a Real Madrid center back.
  • Sergio Ramos: 4. Played as bad as Pepe but scored Real's opener.
  • Marcelo: 3. Marcelo should be worrying Carlo Ancelotti. The Brazilian is nowhere near his peak and he even struggles against teams like Real Sociedad.
  • Kroos: 4. Played really well throughout the first half, but the team was disjointed during the second mainly because of his lack of defensive mentality. When Real Madrid have the ball, he shines, but he still needs to learn the position. There's room for improvement but he has the quality to provide.
  • Modric: 3. We still haven't seen anything from last year's Luka Modric, and Real Madrid have played five official games already. It shouldn't take him long to get his groove back, but Ancelotti needs him desperately.
  • Isco: 4. Isco is great and he probably deserves to start, but it is in this kind of games where he needs to prove how polished and creative he is.
  • James: 3. Looked uncomfortable and deserved to be benched, but Ancelotti had no players to replace the Colombian. He needs to make his decisions much quicker.
  • Bale: 5. Scored a beauty and was Real's man of the match. But that isn't a lot.
  • Benzema: 3. If he keeps playing like this, Chicharito could even start for Real Madrid. He's not a goalscorer, but the least Ancelotti can ask him for is to play well then.
  • Khedira: -. Both Khedira and Arbeloa came in when the game was completely lost, and while they didn't contribute and help one bit, this loss is not their fault.
  • Arbeloa: -.

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