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Ancelotti: "We must change our attitude and concentration."

Real Madrid's manager lamented his side's 2-4 defeat to Real Sociedad after leading 2-0 early in the first half.

David Ramos

A disappointed Carlo Ancelotti addressed the press after his side lost what appeared to be a surefire win in today's league match. Ancelotti characterized the game as a tale of two encounters. He loved the opening thirty minutes in which Ramos and Bale scored two goals as Real Madrid dictated the play and maintained possession; however, he attributed Real Sociedad's comeback to a mentality among Madrid's players that the game was already won and a general lack of concentration among his squad in conceding corners and free kicks.

While it's unclear whether Ancelotti was referring to specific players or a change in attitude, he told the press that, "Something needs to change, and it will change." Carletto also took the blame for his players' inability to close out the game, saying, "When you're up 2-0 you must demonstrate character to finish off the match and that's my responsibility."

In discussing his tactics, the manager described his attempt at a 4-4-2, "We deployed two lines of four with two forwards to avoid passes through each line. We needed to win the second balls, and we did that well in the opening thirty minutes. That's how we did it with Di Maria and Bale or with Isco on the wing in the Copa final. It was a familiar system."

The boss also claimed his defensive system wasn't suited to the conditions and that once Sociedad crawled back into the match, the team defended terribly. "We lacked balance above all," said Carlo.

When asked about whether signings were necessary, Ancelotti brushed it off saying that today's problems won't be fixed by bringing in new players but by changing the team's attitude and concentration.

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