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Ancelotti subtly confirms Iker Casillas will still be the starter

The Italian coach said the "debate is closed".

Harold Cunningham

Carlo Ancelotti gave nothing away during the pre-match press conference for Tuesday's Champions League debut against Basel. When asked about his feelings as Real Madrid's coach right now, he said that he just wants to solve Real's woes.

Today I feel like a manager who has to fix and solve things. This match comes right on time, I believe that we will be contending for the title and try to win this competition again. We've lost some balance when we do not have the control of the game with the possession and we're working to improve this.

The journalists asked him about the team's problems so far, and also about how the roster was designed.

We have not had consistency, but the thirty minutes played against Real Sociedad were brilliant, and so were the last 20 minutes of the first half against Atlético. We need to find this consistency. Our roster is really good, and the players understand that we have one of the best rosters in Europe. The club asked for my opinion on how to build the roster, so yes, I'm very happy with James too.

Iker Casillas was whistled by the Santiago Bernabéu during Saturday's Derby. But Ancelotti is calm about it.

This controversy does not exist inside our dressing room, so I will not speak about our goalkeepers at all during the rest of the season. The debate is closed and I will not open it. About the whistles, Casillas has good experience and he will not have a problem with them.

James Rodríguez joined Carlo Ancelotti for today's presser, and here's what he had to say—not much—.

I'm with a new team, with a new squad, I'm physically and mentally better every day, but I know that I'm not at my best just yet. I think that we haven't kicked-off the season well, but we have good players and tomorrow we have a good chance to win and do things properly.

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