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Ancelotti: "We will make rotations tomorrow"

The Italian coach announces some rotations, but Cristiano Ronaldo will play.

Denis Doyle

Illarramendi and Isco have not been starting lately. Ancelotti spoke about them.

We have more options in order to have a solid team in the midfield. Illarramendi did this when he came in, we change a bit to help the defense a bit more. It's not easy to keep Illarramendi and Isco active because everybody wants to play more. They are professional and they never question the coach's decisions. Nothing happened with Isco, his first season was great and now we trust him, he's young and he's part of Real Madrid's future. He's very important for us even when he doesn't start.

Pepe and Ramos did not train with the squad this Monday, and Ancelotti will make some rotations. But Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the Starting XI.

Pepe has not recovered yet, Ramos has a small problem on his foot but he could be ready for tomorrow. About the rest, I will make some rotations but not so many. Cristiano doesn't need to rest right now, we need him to be at his best. He has to have this freedom, it's good that the strikers change positions because the attacking system becomes more unpredictable.

And obviously, the journalists asked Ancelotti about Casillas too.

Casillas is fine, we need to stay together. If the club, the players and the fans stay together it's easier to fight for our goals. These three components stayed together last season and that's why we won last season.

Real Madrid beat Deportivo 2-8, but Real Madrid's coach still feels some things need to be improved.

We need one more game to improve our confidence and consistency, it's too early to tell everything goes well. The result against Deportivo was very good but we have to improve a few things. Still, I'm not focused on whether a striker scores or not. Benzema's work against Depor was good and that's why I don't care whether he scored or not.

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