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Real Madrid - Elche CF, Liga BBVA 2014-2015: Player ratings

Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo was the undisputed Man of the Match.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Keylor Navas - 6: He did not really influence the final score. He was close to blocking Elche's penalty kick but, other than that, he did not have any remarkable intervention.

Carvajal - 6: Elche's attacks were focused in Real Madrid's left wing most of the time, so his deffensive conditions were not truly demanded. He was very active in offensive tasks and put a couple of good crosses that were deflected by our opponents.

Varane - 6: Like Sergio Ramos, his performance was correct inside the box, and he blocked a dangerous counterattack just by himself, clean as usual.

Ramos - 7: A correct display inside his box and a great job covering Marcelo's absences in his wing. He seems to be getting his best shape again.

Marcelo - 5: His offensive display was brilliant, since he provoked a penalty kick and crossed the ball that Ronaldo turned into his second goal. However, he was a defensive liability, and a more rigorous referee could have shown him the red card early in the first half.

Illarramendi - 7: Correct, as he usually is. No blunders, a great capacity to choose the best possible pass in every situation, and always offering his partners a chance to keep the possession. Just what one should expect from a defensive midfielder.

Kroos - 7: We saw a different side of Toni today, together with a more positional midfielder, and this enabled him to incorporate to offensive situations. His control of the game was superb, as usual, and he could shoot a couple times from the top of the box.

James - 6: An average game today, probably because he was suffering some fatigue in his fourth game in ten days. Correct display in the right wing, but not nearly as brilliant as he was against Basel or Deportivo.

Isco - 7: Good performance by the malagueño, who probably produced the most attractive individual actions today. His couplings with Marcelo and Ronaldo in Real Madrid's left wing were fantastic, although perhaps he could have helped Marcelo a little more in defensive tasks.

Bale - 8: His display as a more central striker looked good today, just like it did in the second half against Deportivo last Saturday. He scored Real Madrid's first goal with a good header a few minutes after Elche's opening goal and gave a good assist to Ronaldo in the final minutes.

Ronaldo - 10: Yes, he caused Elche's penalty kick in the first half, but you don't get to watch a player scoring four goals in a single game too often, right? Two of them from the penalty spot, a brilliant header and a good shot to culminate Bale's assist made him Man of the Match.

Arbeloa, Nacho and Chicharito: They did not have enough incidence on the game to get a mark. Chicharito had a goal ocassion, but his shot went far too high.

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