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Ancelotti: "I am very happy for Illarra"

The Italian coach had many things to say after Cristiano's stellar performance.

David Ramos

Quite a simple game for Real Madrid. Still, Ancelotti had plenty to talk about after starting Keylor Navas, Illarramendi and Isco. If we also consider that Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals, we can easily understand how busy Ancelotti was. First of all, he addressed how the team has improved recently.

We've showed the team is far better physically, we're improving and that's why it's easier to find balance.

Shortly after, the journalists asked him about Navas and Casillas

Navas has played calm, the defensive line played together, he didn't have much work to do but he was calm. We'll see who starts next Saturday. The whistles by the Bernabeu fans don't change my decisions.

Illarramendi played really well, and Ancelotti spoke about these role players as well.

I'm very happy for Illarra, he proved he's smart, playing with professionalism, I don't know how many games he will play but I know he will be ready when I need him. Rotations are important to keep everyone motivated, it's normal to rotate a bit to avoid problems. I want to speak clearly about how professional these players are.

And finally, Cristiano Ronaldo got a poker. So Ancelotti concluded his press conference with some praise.

Cristiano needed some rest these last few weeks. Right now he's in shape and motivated, and he's scoring. A lot.

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