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Cristiano Ronaldo publicly supports Florentino Pérez

The Portuguese player tweeted that he agreed with Real Madrid's President's speech about the new roster.

Denis Doyle

Much has been said about Cristiano Ronaldo's words. "Maybe if I was in charge I would've done things differently", said the Portuguese star some days ago in reference of Real Madrid's moves in this transfer window. However, Florentino Pérez raised the white flag during this Friday's speech and said that he has a good relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

I know Cristiano Ronaldo very well, and I know what he meant with those words. First of all, he is a true professional and his words were taken out of context.

Ronaldo seems to agree with what Florentino Pérez said, and tweeted the following.

It all translates to this:

My quotes were misunderstood. I listened to my "Presi" yesterday and has completely has my back. Our new teammates are "top" and with them we completed a great roster. We'll go for it! Hugs and Hala Madrid!

Real Madrid fans need to be happy about Cristiano and Pérez publicly coming to terms.

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