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Carlo Ancelotti: "If there's a player being selfish, it's something we have to fix"

Carlo Ancelotti was in a much better mood after the 3-0 win. He even laughed answering a couple questions. It wasn't all good though as he took his time to talk about Bale's selfishness.

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Gareth Bale had one of his best games of the season, and Carlo shared his opinion on his performance and the crowd unfairly booing him:

Bale played a really good game. He showed a lot of intensity, scored, and was essential in setting up James' goal. I think he had a very good game. About the crowd, they were asking for a pass to Cristiano. Every time a striker is in front of the goal, they want to score, but being generous is very important in this team. It was last year and it's the same now. If there's a player who can be considered as selfish, we'll try to fix that. We have a very demanding fan base . Bale is a key player for us, like Cristiano, and that's why the fans expect more from them and that's fair.

On the second leg against Atlético de Madrid and whether we'll see rotations or if Carletto will go with most of the starters:

We have enough time to prepare that match. We will use our best lineup since we're trying to overcome the 0-2 to move on to the Quarter Finals.

The players came out at the end to salute their fans, so, how is that dressing room feeling before Thursday's game against Atleti?:

Everybody is waiting for that game, but we have to remain calm. It's going to be a very complicated game, but we'll prepare it the best way we can.Playing at home will definitely help us.

On Cristiano's mood before the Ballon D'Or gala:

I think he's as good as ever. He's in good shape, playing for the team. He didn't score today but his first assist was fantastic.

Isco had another great game, and his development has been outstanding, but it doesn't surprise his coach:

His development hasn't surprised me. He's been playing very well for a while now. He's playing a lot more often, which has helped him improve.

Managing Madrid's Lucas Navarrete asked the Italian coach about Kroos' first few months with Real Madrid:

Kroos playing at a great level, considering he's a new player for us. He has earned a spot with his personality and skills, helping the team play better. He'll improve even more because he's a regular for us.

Is Carlo going to talk with Bale about that play where he could've passed the ball to Cristiano?:

We'll see. I haven't looked at the play closely. He had a similar play against Valencia, where everybody thought he should've passed the ball, but I think he made the right choice. Altruism is very important in any team, so if there's any selfishness we'll try to fix that, no question.

On the ref's explanation about Fabio Coentrao's red card:

I don't know, I didn't understand him. It's a tough decision to understand, since it came in a tough moment of the game. We were able to overcome that, but that call is incomprehensible.

Again, about the Bale play and the effect of Ronaldo's tantrum after it on the crowd:

We can't blow this thing out of proportion.  It's something that happens often in football. The relationship between all our players, not only between Cristiano and Gareth, is terrific. This team has showed that before. We all have the same objective, which is to take Real Madrid as high as possible. I won't discuss it again. It's just unnecessary and it's not fair for us.

On the rumour about Pep Guardiola trying to sign Raphäel Varane:

It was surprising because I didn't know Mendes was now Varane's agent. He is not his agent. (Laughs) I just spoke to Varane's agent three days ago and it wasn't Mendes so it was a very strange rumour. Varane is going to be a Real Madrid player for a long time.

Finally, on who'll be the starting GK next Thursday:

Yes, it's been decided. Casillas. I mean, Navas (laughs).

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