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Ancelotti: "I think Gareth Bale will play a great match"

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Real Madrid will try to overcome the two-goal deficit against Atlético de Madrid. Some players like Arbeloa are already trying to get the fans motivated.

This is a derby, a very important match for the fans, and we need to come back. I think the atmosphere will be great and I hope we play well and get to the next round. We know how to play against Atlético, we know each other and we need to play with intensity. They defend really well and it will not be easy to break through, our passes will be the key. We don't need to change our style, because we're always aggressive in a meaning that we go hard after every ball.

When asked about whether Jesé was ready enough to start, Ancelotti was clear. But this doesn't mean he will be on the starting XI.

Jesé is physically ready to start a match. The team is well and ready.

According to Ancelotti, Cristiano Ronaldo is already working hard to win another Ballon d'Or.

Individual awards motivate him, this is just another motivation and that's why from tomorrow on he will work hard for the team but also to win his fourth Ballon d'Or.

The reporters asked him about how the players complained about the referee after the match at the Calderón.

We need to find the answers against them, so complaining about the referees is not going to help us at all. We need to score but it will also be very important not to rush things, we have 90 minutes to score.

Modric still needs one more month.

Modric came back last Monday, he's doing work on his own and I think he needs one more month to be back with us. We've missed him but the players who have replaced him have done very well. Everybody is talking about Isco and that's because he's playing well.

Ancelotti addressed Bale's situation once again.

It was not easy to pass the ball there. Gareth played a brilliant match, he's taking care of things and he's in good condition. I believe he will play a great match. His relationship with Ronaldo is optimal.

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