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Real Madrid - Atlético de Madrid, Copa del Rey 2015: Player ratings

A disappointing performance by most of our players in a game where only Isco and Gareth Bale were prominent.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

  • Keylor Navas: 4 - While it is true that Atlético did not manage to shoot on goal too much and avoiding their first goal would have been impossible for him, he had a clear chance to block the second one and he did not. His performance with Real Madrid so far has not been good enough to even think about challenging Casillas' starting spot.
  • Carvajal: 5 - Dani's game was correct from a defensive point of view, although he was not attacked a lot by Koke or Arda. On the other hand, his offensive contribution was poor, as his understanding with Gareth Bale was not as good as we are used to seeing.
  • Pepe: 2 - His serious mistake in front of Antoine Griezmann in the first minute, which led to Atlético's first goal, pretty much finished the tie for Real Madrid. He seemed nervous throughout the whole game and left the field around the sixtieth minute in pain.
  • Ramos: 3 - Just as I would do with Pepe, I would not say Ramos' performance was bad if he hadn't made his mistake in the first minute of the second half, but he did. Real Madrid had been aiming for the comeback in the first half, helped by Sergio's goal, but Atlético's second goal definitely finished the game.
  • Marcelo: 7 - A very good game by Marcelo from an offensive viewpoint, as he managed to help James and Ronaldo to create superiorities in the left wing and his dribbles were Real Madrid's main tool to break Atlético's defence.
  • Kroos: 5 - A poor performance by Toni, who may be suffering some fatigue and might need to be rested on Sunday against Getafe. He never managed to dictate the right tempo for Real Madrid to achieve their remontada.
  • Isco: 8 - Fantastic performance by Isco, who showed a great degree of determination to come back against Atlético. He appeared in very deep positions to help Kroos to build Real Madrid's attacks and left a great deal of dribbles and nice passes that, in a better day for his partners, would have, for sure, resulted in clear goal chances.
  • James: 7 - Our #10 also left a good performance, constantly exchanging his position with Ronaldo and Marcelo in the left, where most of the white attacks were built in the first half. His performance was a bit poorer in the early minutes of the second half and was substituted by Jesé.
  • Benzema: 5 - He never managed to beat Atlético's centerbacks in the physical fight and was not able to trick them with his dropping to the midfield to open lines for Ronaldo and Bale.
  • Bale: 8 - This was, possibly, the best game Bale has played against Atlético de Madrid so far. He was able to beat Atlético's defenders in very disadvantageous situations a few times in the first half, and was prominent when he switched to the left in the second half. He needs to improve his aerial play, as he missed a couple clear headers today, just like he did on Saturday.
  • Ronaldo: 5 - Although he scored Real Madrid's second goal, his performance was poor throughout the game, as he seems to be far from his best physical condition. If he wants to win a new Ballon D'Or next season, he will need to increase his level seriously.
  • Varane and Jesé entered the field when the game was already 2-2 and were not able to make an impact.

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