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Carlo Ancelotti: "The key to the match was in our defensive mistakes"

Carletto spoke to the media after the 2-2 against Atlético de Madrid. He wasn't happy, but still sounded satisfied in his team's overall performance.

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It was a disappointing result, but Real Madrid's coach sounded relaxed and kind of pleased with the effort from his men.

The post match press conference started with Carlo Ancelotti saying he's still trying to find the formula to beat Atlético de Madrid this season:

We found that formula last year but we haven't been able to do so this year. We have one match against them left. In La Liga we have a lead over Atlético. They are a very strong team and next time we face them, we will prepare the game the best way we can.

Carletto then shared his general impression of the game:

We have to evaluate this game, starting with our defensive mistakes, and we paid a heavy price for those. Then, we have to talk about our first 60 minutes when we played very, very well. I'm very happy with the team's performance in the first half. You can't play better than that. It's clear that starting the game 0-1 made it a lot tougher, but we tried and played very well. We have three weeks to prepare the Champions League and that is good for the team.

On Real's defensive mistakes:

We made some mistakes we usually don't make, especially at bringing the ball out from the back. It's the first time we make those mistakes but I don't think it's going to happen again. That's something the team does very well.

Did the team actually believe in a comeback?:

After Torres' frist goal I still believed we could pull the comeback because we played really well during the first 45 minutes, possessing the ball, playing with depth and good pace. At half time we still had high hopes about this game. Then we started the second half by giving up another goal. We reacted well and tied it quickly, but after that, the team started to think it was getting more difficult.

On the impact of Atlético's second goal and his team's defensive mistakes:

The key to the match was in our two defensive mistakes. That's something we need to fix, but we can't forget the fact that the team played, in my opinion, a spectacular game for 60 minutes.

Isco was definitely the match of the game for Real Madrid. Carlo talked about #23's performance:

He played very well. He was just as good as he's been in previous games. It was another good game for him.

He was also questioned about depending too much on set pieces and crosses from the sides while not really trying to set up plays through the middle of Atlético's territory (which is obviously easier said than done):

Trying to attack Atlético through the middle is very hard. They close their lines very well. There's a lot more space on the wings. It's very difficult to find spaces between their lines.

On Pepe's condition:

He had a knock on his ribs that is painful for him right now. He'll have a scan so we'll know more in the next few hours.

Finally, Ancelotti was asked about his men not being able to convert all those chances they create lately:

I would be worried if we weren't able to create chances. We played very well the first half, with good pace and intensity. We scored two goals so I can't be worried about this. What concerns me are the mistakes we made at the back trying to bring the ball out since it's something we usually do very well.

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